The Music Got Me Here


I just love a new season, and fall is my fave. And with this new season, I have a new website, new music! No new back-to-school clothes yet, but there’s time. It’s also the beginning of what I intend to be a long and fruitful Beulah season, not tied to any calendar anywhere. For those of you who’ve known me for a while, you’re well aware of my Beulah Rowley project. The album has just been completed—produced by Hal Willner—and it’s her time to shine. It’s not commercially available yet, but for you, my fans, friends and family, it’s available here. There’s good stuff going on with Beulah: a play is in the works, a possible film, and I’m working on more goodies like music videos and hoping to do an animated short.

Like many of you I assume, music has always been my close, close friend and refuge. It’s kept me safe when I felt scared, full when I felt empty, accompanied when I felt alone. Not sure where I’d be without it. But definitely not here, with the chance to share more new creations and knowing there’s more to come. Lucky me.

Take a trip through the new site. I hope you like it. Let me know!

All the best,


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