Is It Too Late to Say "Happy New Year!"?


“Creating something new is an act of defiance in the face of destruction.” —Marie Smith. Music, Music Therapy, and Trauma

That sums it up for me. My credo. Whether we’re talking about disturbing interpersonal dynamics, international terrorism, or political mayhem, there’s nothing like creating something new. It really does validate your existence: “Here I am. Look what I just created. You can’t stop me.”

Some people identify themselves as creative. Others claim not to be and/or get intimidated by the word. But we all create. It doesn’t have to be an act of poetry or art or music. And it doesn’t have to be grand. We create moments, atmospheres, situations, friendships, possibilities. If you get to write songs or paint pictures, you’re just extra lucky.


This is a difficult time for so many in my country and many other countries as well. So I offer this: create something new. Make something where there was nothing. Preferably not ill will or discord. You know what I’m saying. I’m actually thinking about creating a new Mary Lee's Corvette record!

And good news: it’s still a new year. There are still chances to reinvent some aspect of ourselves or our surroundings, and still and always some spot in this world we can call our own and make it what we want. Decorate, redecorate, repeat.

Why did this post take me so long? Well, I may be a bit lazy sometimes, and self-promotion averse always, but it’s never too late to say happy new year. So...

Happy New Year!!

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